Allergen Test Kits

AllergenControl™ – Test with Security

Available in two formats: 

AllergenControl™ Lateral Flow


  • Added security of a competitive line to prevent false negatives. Some Lateral Flow Devices (LFD’s) can give false negatives when high levels of food allergen are present in the sample. This system uses a third line to overcome this problem
  • Avoid waste. Kits are available for either environmental surface tests or food product tests. Buy only what you need and avoid costly recalls.
  • 44 kits available for a wide variety of specific testing matrices.
  • Doesn’t need refrigeration – store between 36° to 77°F (2° to 25°C).
  • Simple to use – no reconstitution of reagents – simply extract and run.
  • Samples are tested against supplied known controls.
  • Heat-stable protein allergens are detected.
  • Bulk pricing and contract discounts are available.

  Performance characteristics

  • Verified to avoid cross-reactivity
  • 1 year shelf life from date of manufacture

Brazil Nut

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Peanut Residue

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