Sampling Devices

The Air Sampler

• Quantitative measurement for viable microbes in air

• Standard size petridish

• Rechargeable battery

• Adjustable sampling time

• Calibrated dial

• Flow rate 100 LPM

• Compressed air sampling attachment

IEH N60 Plus

•  Innovative, stainless steal sampling devices that collects a surface sample from the trim in a beef combo

•  N60 PLUS sampler collects a robust sample with less sampling error and keeps more product in the combo bin instead of at the lab

•  Minimizes the error associated with excision sampling

•  Eliminates the concern associated with collecting 60 1 inch x 3 inch pieces that weigh 375 gram

•  Eliminates the collection of multiple specimens from the same piece of trim all while utilizing a smaller sample size


AOAC ® Performance TestedSM

• Rapid Quantification 

• Indicator Organisms
   – APC 24-48 Hours
   – TCC/Generic E.coli – 24 Hours
   – Yeast + Mold – 48-72 Hours

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