United States Distributors:

Weber Scientific

Products: All

2732 Kuser Road | Hamilton, NJ 08691


Phone: 800-328-8378

Website: https://www.weberscientific.com

Unitech Scientific 

Products: Wine Spoilage Kits, Microcyclers

12062 Centralia Rd, Ste. H | Hawaiian Gardens, CA 90716


Phone: 562-924-5150

Website: http://www.unitechscientific.com

International Distributors:

Biomedia Holdings (Singapore and Thailand)

Products: All

Website: http://www.biomediaholdings.com/

BioSentec (France)

Products: Wine Spoilage Kits, Microcyclers

Phone: +33(0)561149333

Website: http://www.biosentec.fr

Biotek Solutions (Macedonia)

Products: Wine Spoilage Kits, Microcyclers


Phone: +339(0)2 311 2464

Website: www.biotek.com.mk

Edithgen (South Korea)

Products: All

Phone: +82-31-520-8959

Website: https://www.edithgen.com

Elisa Systems (Australia)

Products: All


Phone: (+61) 7 3625 9000

Website: https://elisasystems.com

Interfarm (Norway)

Products: Allergen Kits (LFD)

Website: www.interfarm.no

Vintessential Laboratories (Australia)

Products: Wine and Beer Spoilage Kits, Microcyclers

Website: www.vintessential.com.au/


Microbiologique is an IEH company

Microbiologique is part of IEH Laboratories & Consulting Group. IEH corporate headquarters in Lake Forest Park, WA is an accredited laboratory and meets the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and cGMP regulations.

The major focus of IEH is providing routine analytical support to the food industry through consultation, research, product development as well as the investigation of microbiological, chemical and toxicological issues in food. IEH also evaluates product specific problems, designs and conducts experiments, collects and interprets data along with implementing solutions for the food industry. The IEH group works with food companies on all areas of analytical, consultation and regulatory support, which is needed for proper food production.

The consultants can also help in development and review of food safety programs such as environmental sanitation procedures and sampling plans. Consultants understand local and Federal laws, regulations, and guidance documents pertaining to food manufacturing, agricultural, and composting operations.

For additional information on Food Safety Consulting please contact IEH Inc..