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The hazelnut (Corylus avellana) belongs to a group of foods, commonly referred to as “tree nuts”. This group of foods is a significant source of allergens, and hazelnuts are a frequent cause of food allergy. Consequently, there is a need for a sensitive and reliable test for the detection of specific tree nut allergens in foods. Any such test must be able to detect a heat stable protein component, otherwise false negative results could occur with samples that have been highly heat treated.A specific hazelnut protein was identified from high temperature treatments to be very heat stable and is used as the hazelnut protein indicator for the ELISA SYSTEMS ® Hazelnut Residue Kit.

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Hazelnut Lateral FlowHazelnut Milk Lateral FlowHazelnut Microwell


Hazelnut Lateral Flow Assay Principles

The ELISA SYSTEMS® AllergenControl™ Hazelnut Residue Lateral Flow Test features polyclonal antibodies directed against hazelnut proteins configured in both sandwich and competitive format. To operate the kit, the sample is first subjected to a short extraction step. The sample extract is then directly applied to the lateral flow device sample port, where it is allowed to migrate across the reagent zone thus enabling visualization of the Sandwich Test Line (T) and Competitive Test Line (0) results. In addition, the reagent zone includes a Procedural Control Line (C) to minimize the potential for false negative outcomes.


Food Sampling Test

(Product code: PA-F06)
Performance Characteristics
Limit of Detection*: 1.0 μg protein/g or 1 ppm
Sample Extraction Time: 1 min or 15 min
Test Operation Time: 15 min


Environmental Surface Test

(Product code: PA-E06)
Performance Characteristics
Limit of Detection*: 0.1 μg protein/swab, 1 ppm protein (rinse water)
Sample Extraction Time: 1 min or 15 min
Test Operation Time: 15 min

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