Cronobacter sakazakii and Salmonella Confirmation
using IEH SCC Conventional PCR Kit


The IEH Cronobacter and Salmonella (SCC) Confirmation System can be used to confirm the presence of Cronobacter and Salmonella from food and environmental samples. It relies on conventional PCR to amplify two specific DNA targets present in Cronobacter spp. and two from Salmonella spp. and a single target in C. sakazakii. PCR outcomes are visualized using agarose gel electrophoresis. The kit includes a DNA extraction system and a PCR buffer that incorporates an internal amplification control (IAC) to assure the performance of the assay on every sample run. The confirmation system can be used directly on enrichment medium or on colonies that have been streaked out on selective agar medium.

Intended Use

When used in combination with the IEH Cronobacter and Salmonella Screening System (SCS) kit, the IEH Cronobacter and Salmonella Confirmation Kit can be used to confirm the presence of Cronobacter spp., C. sakazakii and Salmonella spp. present in food and environmental swabs. The combined systems have been validated against the FDA BAM method for each organism using an extensive inclusivity/exclusivity panel and have been shown to have 100% concordance with both methods. The kit should be operated in the laboratory setting by trained personnel. All waste should be disposed of in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations.

Materials required

• Taq Beads (Microbiologique, catalog # T-1012)

•  IEH SCS PCR screening buffer (IEH RND)

• SC (+) DNA (IEH RND)

• SC Ladder for use with SCS PCR buffer

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PCR strip showing organisms detected.

All organisms detected

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