Buckwheat Microwell

Buckwheat is recognized as a severe food allergen in Asian countries such as Korea and Japan where consumption of buckwheat is customary. As such, buckwheat is regulated as a food allergen in these countries. However, as buckwheat becomes an increasingly popular gluten-free alternative for wheat flour in the USA, Canada, and Europe, researchers anticipate that it will constitute a larger problem in Western countries.Commodities that have shown suitability for use with this kit include: soy flour, cookie mix, fried noodles, egg pasta, pasta, semolina, plain wheat flour, polenta, corn (maize) flour, sushi rice, brown medium grain rice, long grain white rice.

Intended Use

The ELISA SYSTEMS® Buckwheat Protein Residue assay is an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) that may be used to screen appropriate food products for the presence of Buckwheat protein material caused by cross-contamination with Buckwheat products and residues. This assay is a rapid and reliable test which significantly reduces the time required to screen appropriate food products for the presence of Buckwheat residues.This assay is based on comparison to Buckwheat Flour Protein Concentrations.

Assay Principles

The ELISA SYSTEMS® Buckwheat Residue Detection Kit is based on the sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbant assay format. The food sample is first subjected to an extraction procedure and then assayed by ELISA method for the presence of buckwheat allergens. The results may be quantified by comparing the test results against results obtained from protein standards supplied in the kit.

(Product code: EB52210)

Performance Characteristics

Range of Quantification: 2.5 – 25 ppm Buckwheat Flour protein
Sample Preparation Time: ~15 min
Test period: ~45 min

Technical Support

For additional information or assistance with using this test kit, please contact Microbiologique at (206)525-0412.