Beta Lactoglobulin Lateral Flow

Allergies to cow’s milk are one of the most common food allergies, affecting roughly 3% of the population. Consequently, numerous countries require that food labels clearly indicate milk content. Beta-lactoglobulin (β-LG) is the major component of Milk Whey protein and is selectively added to such foods as infant formulas. To assist the food industry in establishing effective food safety practices, AllergenControl™ has developed a rapid test kit that can reliably detect β-LG residues in food and on surfaces and equipment.

Intended Use

This test kit is designed for use in the qualitative determination of bovine β-LG residues in foods (solids, powders, and liquids) and on surfaces and equipment. The test is intended for laboratory use only and should only be performed by trained personnel.

Assay Principles

The AllergenControl™ Beta-Lactoglobulin Residue Detection Kit features polyclonal antibodies directed against Beta-Lactoglobulin proteins configured in both sandwich format. To operate the kit, the sample is first subjected to a short extraction step. The sample extract is then directly applied to the lateral flow device sample port, where it is allowed to migrate across the reagent zone thus enabling visualization of the Sandwich Test Line (T) results. In addition, the reagent zone includes a Procedural Control Line (C) to minimize the potential for false negative outcomes.

Elisa Systems Lateral Flow Test Device

Food Sampling Test

(Product code: PA-F13)

Performance Characteristics

Limit of Detection*: 1.0 μg protein/g or 1 ppm
Sample Extraction Time: 1 min or 15 min
Test Operation Time: 15 min

Environmental Surface Test

(Product Code: PA-E13)

Performance Characteristics

Limit of Detection*:0.1 μg protein/swab, 1 ppm protein (rinse water)
Sample Extraction Time: 1 min or 15 min
Test Operation Time: 15 min

* matrix-free determination